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QuickBird Satellite Images Available for Sale
DigitalGlobe Commences Full Commercial Operations

LONGMONT, Colo., May 20, 2002 - DigitalGlobe announced that it has entered into full commercial operations by offering its QuickBird imagery products to the global marketplace. DigitalGlobe began selling products to its Charter Club members in January and to resellers in March, and the company is now making imagery available to all customers with the announcement of its commercial market rollout. QuickBird images are unprecedented in terms of resolution and quality.

"We took a phased approach to making our products available to the general marketplace by first serving our select Charter Club members and then our resellers," said Herbert Satterlee, president and CEO for DigitalGlobe. "We wanted to ensure all of our systems operated smoothly before we began selling images to the public. The positive response we?ve received so far from the entire industry has been overwhelming."

Working closely with its global reseller network and through a direct sales channel, DigitalGlobe serves the needs of customers with the responsiveness and expertise the marketplace requires. Through its partnerships with vendors of software for geographic information system (GIS) and image analysis, processing and visualization, DigitalGlobe is set to provide products customers can easily use with popular software packages. QuickBird Imagery Products have use in a number of applications ranging from transportation planning, environmental monitoring and facilities mapping to agriculture assessments, defense and intelligence planning and forest mapping.

DigitalGlobe's commitment to successful partnerships allows the company to substantially expand the marketplace for remote sensing data and value-added information products. "The level of energy we're already feeling throughout the industry is an indication of the growing acceptance of satellite imagery as a viable and valuable information tool," Satterlee stated.

The QuickBird satellite was launched in October 2001 to collect images of the Earth at sub-meter resolution. Imagery collected by the satellite has been filling DigitalGlobe's digital archive and, by the end of 2002, will represent a significant portion of the Earth?s surface. QuickBird imagery that exists in DigitalGlobe?s archive is available for under $600. New collections may also be ordered.

Customers interested in browsing DigitalGlobe?s archive for available imagery may do so by accessing Through a simple search mechanism, users may identify candidate imagery by region, state, city or other key word, and further qualify the search based on collection date and image quality. Search results allow viewing of browse imagery, key support data and map locations, which can then be used for completing the order by contacting DigitalGlobe at 800-496-1225 (303-702-5561) or by email at

About DigitalGlobe
DigitalGlobe is an imagery and information company located in Longmont, Colorado. DigitalGlobe is establishing a market leadership position by providing the highest resolution satellite imagery product offering, the greatest collection capacity, and the largest image size commercially available. Currently, there are no plans to launch a comparable commercial satellite until at least 2004. The company offers geographic information products through its on-line imagery store, an Internet-based global archive of geographic information available to commercial businesses.

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