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Our Mission

Geospatial Cartography Consulting

The vision of Turf Image is to provide geospatial consulting for our clients using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Our mission is to provide support for geospatial project development. The goal of Turf Image is to lower the cost of your geospatial projects.

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Turf Image has created a partnership with a variety of professionals to offer you the lowest costs for the best available data.

Turf ImageTurf Image

Our company is an outside sales force for the leading providers of high resolution LiDAR data, Aerial Imagery and Satellite Imagery.   As an outside sales force we are able to provide the lowest cost for geospatial data. Our unique ability to create GIS data at a county or agency wide level and our successful track record in private and government offices makes us a desirable partner in geospatial projects. Our company’s products and services help define project goals by providing a stepping stone for geospatial project development.

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    ASPRS Member

    GeoCorps Volunteer

    ESRI Developer Network

    Trimble Navigation Certified

    DigitalGlobe Charter Club

    SBA Certified Small Business

More About Us

Our Company Profile

Our company is known for providing effective Geospatial Cartography using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our firm strives to perform honest and ethical work and to deliver an advanced work product, while maintaining a low cost to our clients. Turf Image is an S corporation, formed by the State of California on March 14th, 2002, and has since experienced 15 successful and expansive years in existence. 


SERVICES Our team will define project goals, streamline data creation, and obtain data for your geospatial projects. Turf Image Geospatial consulting services help to improve and strengthen existing GIS departments. By supplying clients with geodata and consulting, our company helps save time and money.

PRODUCTS Our products provide you the opportunity to improve mapping capabilities. A strong basemap provides a strong foundation for geospatial projects. Basemap geodata is generally created from collected GPS, satellite imagery, LiDAR elevation data and existing GIS information.

SOLUTIONS Working for an organization that manages GIS, you are faced with the challenge of sharing your collection of data within your organization and to those outside as well. A strong GIS allows users to display, understand, interpret and map data in ways that reveals trends, relationships, patterns and results in the form of charts, reports and maps.

CARTOGRAPHY Our company understands the importance of having a GIS system to preserve mapping and information, and also how a GIS system that is accessible can maintain services in a most superior and organized manner. Turf Image Geospatial has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive GIS and GPS mapping solutions using geospatial cartography.

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